Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CHEWING GUM-Product Evolution

Chewing gum is one of the most popular traditional confection item which has endured the test of time through suitable product evolution & innovation.Typically,chewing gum is made of Chickle,a natural latex product(that is why the brand name-Chicklets).If we look at the per-capita consumption of chewing gum in India it is only 8 per year as compared to 2000 per year in U.S.A & 1000 in Russia.The current size of the Indian chewing gum market is estimated to be about 1000 Crores(INR)thus it offers huge opportunity to companies like Perfetti & Wrigley in terms of market & new product development.

Through the ages,it is believed that chewing gum helps in increasing concentration & losing calories-thus seconding Wrigley's tagline 'Gum is Good'.However,in the current scenario it is contended that gums can be one of the most effective vehicle for drug administration.On an average,it is found that a person chews gum for about 20 minutes.Thus,the average 'inside-the-mouth' time for chewing gum remains very high as compared to lozenges or chewable tablets/candies.Therefore,drugs required for local or direct action in the respiratory tract can be very well administered through chewing gums.Also,it is contended that the cheek walls are very well perfused & can therefore bring about excellent & quick absorption of drugs.Besides,drugs administered through chewing gum also do not undergo hepatic first pass effect-thus increasing the bioavailability of drug.

Currently,not many chewing gum brands in India are positioned on the health plank.However,the recent years saw the launch of products like Protex Happydent which is claimed to prevent tooth decay due to the presence of a special ingredient called 'Xylitol'.Also,Happydent White which contains sodium bi-carbonate helps to keep teeth clean & white.Other brands like Orbit also offer similar benefits & assist in maintaining oral hygiene.Though currently most of the brands are concentrating only on oral hygiene,there are also numerous opportunities in developing chewing gums with sustained release formulations,anti-tussives etc.


  1. ya gum is providing more time for drug to absorb ,but it may not be used for oldies as well as those who does'nt like chewing for minutes.

    also now a days MBA colleges have banned chewing gum in campus.

    ROHIT Kr.SHARMA (XIME,banglore)

  2. Very Insight full.
    An interesting topic.

    Amazed to know that on an average an American consumes 3 chewing gum per day.
    Just one thing, I have heard that most chewing gum is sweetened with aspartame. Long term use of aspartame has been closely linked with cancer, diabetes, neurological disorder etc.., so if chewing gum is used as a vehicle for drug administration it will be consumed on a regular basis, it might lead to some health issues .