Friday, May 29, 2009

Horlicks Nutribar--Brand Analysis

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare(GSKCH) has launched Horlicks Nutribar to foray into the Healthy Snack category which has garnered the interest of many food & beverage companies in India.The product is especially designed for Indian markets & is positioned as a healthy between-the-meal snack which can be consumed by people living very active lifestyles.

The concept of Nutritional bars is picking up in India.Once used as an energy bar for dietary supplements for athletes, it is now an alternative nourishment for everyone.The positioning for most nutritional bars is 'Quick & healthy substitute to regular meals'.However,Horlicks Nutritional bar is positioned as 'between-the-meals respite for hunger pangs'.Thus,they are substituting biscuits,confectionary & other junk food items consumed by people in the 'unconscious mode'.

GSKCH has already line extended its Horlicks brand into biscuits & now into Nutritional bars, thus underscoring the tremendous brand equity that Horlicks has collected all these years.The Nutribar is currently avalable in 3 different variants & is priced between Rs 15-Rs 18.The multi cereal snack bar contains 11 vital nutrients, is rich in iron and has only 114 calories.Also,quite unlike other Nutritional bars which contain Sugar or Jaggery as sweetening agents,Horlicks Nutribar contains Honey.Thus,making it a complete health food.

Nutribar might have to face some competition from Britannia's Nutichoice 5 grain biscuit,which is also positioned as '
hunger buster for in-between meals time hunger' & is composed of 5 different grains along with Natural honey.However,one main problem associated with this biscuit is its size.Since,the size of the biscuit is quite large, it easily breaks even before opening the packet.Inspite of the fact that it is economically priced(a pack of 4 biscuits atRs 18) it faces several bottlenecks in terms of its packaging & consumption.Thus,Britannia would have to introduce mini-packs & better packaging for Nutichoice 5 grain inorder to help it take off.

Horlicks Nutribar is a pioneer in the almost non-existent nutrional bar market in India(which is only a 10 crore market currently) & thus has a long way to go.However,it can also face some competition from conventional food items like the ubiquitous 'Chikki'(the traditional Energy bar) which is a popular & economical item consumed all over India.


  1. its avery interesting Blog...with lot of information, written ia a simple way...
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  2. Great! A lot of hard work has been done by you. Just a personal point, I am perfectly happy with the packaging of Britannia Nutrichoice. It is my preferred snack at office. The little plastic tray keeps the contents absolutely fine.