Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sofit-The Soya Milk

Godrej Hershey’s, the food & beverage company of Godrej Industries Ltd (GIL), marked its entry into the Health Food segment with the launch of Sofit in 2004.Sofit is the first branded Soya Milk available in the market & therefore GIL enjoys first mover advantage in this category. As per the current trend, most of the FMCG firms are positioning brands on the health plank in order to propel growth.Sofit is also built on a similar curative platform & is meant to be a healthy substitute to milk.

Soya Milk (the prime ingredient of Sofit) is made from Soybeans which is one of the richest sources of protein.Also; it contains far less saturated fats as compared to Cow's Milk. One glass of Soya Milk is almost as nutritious as one glass of Cow's Milk plus the added benefits of Vitamin E, Lecithin, isoflavones etc. which are also found in Soya Milk. Thus the target audience for Sofit would typically be Health conscious individuals, Lactose-intolerant individuals(as Soya Milk does not contain Casein) & Vegans(people who do not use or consume animal products of any kind).Using soybeans to make milk instead of raising cows is economically advantageous too as it takes far less resources to cultivate soybeans than to raise animals.

Sofit is positioned by GIL as a premium product & is priced at Rs. 75(1 liter).Since,Sofit has a niche target audience, it is primarily promoted through BTL advertising channels which goes through doctors, hospitals, nutritionists, health clubs & gyms.Currently,it is available in seven different variants. Apart from Soya Milk, it also contains fruit juices which are a rich source of vitamins.

Sofit can be advantageous for Godrej in launching other health food brands as it can capitalize on the existing advertising & distribution channels.However,it cannot be used as an umbrella brand due to its niche-market positioning.Also,the brand can face stiff competition from conventional dairy products like Skimmed Milk, Fortified Milk etc.Thus,it would be better not to position Sofit as an analogue food but a naturally occurring vegetarian milk.

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  1. Is Sofit Chocolate Milk Gluten Free?
    Its imp. for people who have Celiac disease!